KeepsIt Why PostItTM when you could KeepIt?

Welcome to KeepsIt - the best way to never lose information ever again

KeepsIt is an online notepad - you can use it to store anything you ever want and access your information from any computer or phone on the internet. Signing up will take less than a minutes and you can get started right away!
Always Available
Keep all your notes saved online available from anywhere. For example, note a book recommendation from a friend at work, add it to a shopping list on your laptop at home, then look up the list on your phone at the mall.
Easy to Find
No more sending yourself emails to remember something. No more searching through your emails endlessly looking for that one thing you're trying to find again. Note it down in KeepsIt and find it quickly and easily using the search feature.
Safe and Sound
Make hand written notes a thing of the past, you won't ever lose that pivotal information in the wash again.
We take hourly backups of your data to make sure nothing can ever be lost!

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