Highest importance:
Middle importance:
Lower importance:
  • add diff functionality
    • when a note is being edited but a newer version has been saved
    • when viewing the history of notes
  • facebook application version
  • figure out a cleaner way for the redirection/json requests that doesn't require doing the work for both even when just requesting one (i.e. search redirect does a search and then redirects to a page that does a search)
  • have alerts set up for a certain time (automatically detect dates for this?)
  • note clouds
  • live update of edits (i.e. edit on phone and desktop app shows updates) and collaboration
  • add notes via email/sms/mms (might mitigate need for a mobile app temporarily)
  • detect addresses/phone numbers/youtube/etc.
  • encrypted notes
  • rss feeds of changes to notes
  • enable for javascript disabled browsers
  • add option to disable auto-labeling of web snippets etc.
  • suggest the user labels/tags based on
    • Other user's tags for the same site (paying users only)
    • Site classification (i.e. Gambling, etc.)
    • Nouns in the note (as defined by Wikipedia crawling)